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Posted 2 years ago

We’re looking for a software developer to join our team. Our company makes cool products and does specific things, and you’ll be part of the driving force behind our mission to do stuff.

As part of our team, you’ll do super interesting work with minimal supervision. We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about this very important thing our company does. This role is full-time, which means 40 hours per week.

Responsibilities and duties

Your day-to-day job looks like this:

  • Develop things in these coding languages
  • Look for ways to make these kinds of products better
  • Work with these teams in these ways
  • Stay on delivery schedules

In addition to these daily responsibilities, you can expect to do these things sometimes:

  • Talk to clients or stakeholders about the things you work on
  • Attend meetings and talk about these data points
  • Do these things that everyone at our company has to do

We measure success in ways. Here are any other things you need to know about what we expect you to do at this job.


These are the things we need to know about you to consider you for this position.

Our must-have requirements are:

  • You have experience in these coding languages
  • You have this kind of work experience
  • You know how to do this specific thing
  • You have these important qualities and characteristics that will help you do this job well

These things aren’t requirements, but they are valuable. If you meet these criteria in addition to the list above, you will probably be one of our top candidates.

  • You are good at using these less common tools
  • You know these obscure coding languages
  • You have experience with this specific use case
  • You have worked in our industry
  • You have worked with companies that are structured like ours


These are the reasons you want to work for us. You’re obviously great at your job, so we know that you have a lot of choices about where to work. These are the things that you won’t find at other companies. We will pay you a fair amount. Our company culture has cool attributes that fit your personality. These are the things in our benefits package.

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